Volume & Issue: Volume 014, Issue 2, December 2023 
Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer among Postmenopausal Women In El –Minia Oncology Center

Pages 8-20

Samia Gaber Seif Abd Elalem; Hany Hassan Kamel; Amany Hassan Abd Elrahim; Heba Atef Osman

Effect of Post Cesarean Nursing Instructions on Woman’s pain Level and Bowel Motility: Comparative study

Pages 21-33

Sahar Ahmed Ali Alshamandy; Fatma Awad Abdelrahman; Haitham Ahmed Bahaa; Naglaa Fathy Ahmed

Effect of Implementing Nursing Guidelines on Reducing Late Implanted Portal Catheters Complications among Chemotherapy Patients

Pages 34-41

Mahmoud Taha Abd El-Kafy; Amany Saber Gerges; Lobna Mohamed Gamal Ali Ahmed; Eman Fadle Abd El-Khalek

Effect of Applying Nursing Guidelines on Reducing Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection among Critically Ill Patients

Pages 42-53

Mohammed Mamdouh Yahia; Amany Khairy Abo El Hussein; Lobna Mohammed Gamal Ali Ahmed; Marwa Mohammad Abd Elbaky

Caregivers Knowledge of Allergic Rhinitis and Its Home Remedies among Preschool Children

Pages 54-66

Shimaa Farghaly Ali Mohamed; Yosria El-Sayed Hossein; Zeinab Mohammed Hassan; Marwa Ibrahem Abdelrazic

Relation between Working Hours and Occupational Health Hazard among Staff Nurses at Hospitals

Pages 67-76

Zeinab Ibrahim Shafeek; Safaa M. Abdelrahman; Ebtsam Ahmed Mohamed; Faten Ali Ahmad

Centralization and Decentralization of Decision Making in Relation to the Well-being of Nursing Staff at their Work Setting

Pages 77-84

Sanaa Romany Marzok; Safaa Mohamed Abd Elrhmaan; Rasha Mohamed Nagib Ali; Heba Dakrory Ali El-said

Self-Directed Learning, Learner Styles and it's Relation with Academic Achievement among Students at Faculty of Nursing

Pages 114-123

Sara Salah Abd El tawab; Safaa M. Abdelrahman; Ebtsam Ahmed Mohamed; Eman Aly Abd El hamid

Nurses’ Perception about Abusive as well as Coaching Supervision and its Relation with their Competence

Pages 125-133

Zeinab Khalaf Hussien; Ebtsam Ahmed Mohamed Bashandy; Heba Dakrory Ali El-said; Eman Aly Abd-Elhamid

Effectiveness of Educational Program to Improve First Line Nursing Managers’ Knowledge and Practices Regarding Talent Management

Pages 134-141

Zeinab Ahmed Abd El baky; Fatma Rushdy Mohamed Ali; Ebtsam Ahmed Mohamed Bashandy; Shereen Faiyez Gabra