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Minia Scientific Nursing Journal (MSNJ) is dedicated to the Faculty of Nursing- Minia University, Egypt. MSNJ is a peer-reviewed journal that is an essential resource for all nurses, as well as providing the best outcomes for the patients in their care. The Journal focuses on research papers and professional discussion papers that have a sound scientific, theoretical, or philosophical base. Preference is given to high-quality papers written in a way that renders them accessible to a wide audience without compromising quality. All articles are peer-reviewed by at least two researchers experts in the field of the submitted paper. The editorial purpose of Minia Scientific Nursing Journal (MSNJ) is to disseminate empirical findings from the highest quality basic and clinical research studies focused on (a) understanding health and illness experiences of individuals, families, and communities; (b) estimating the impact of therapeutic actions on health promotion, disease prevention, comfort during illness, and (c) nursing systems and nursing resource management.

Current Issue: Volume 015, Issue 2, June 2024 

Beyond Frontlines: The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Coping Mechanisms among Sudanese Nurses during Military War

Pages 2-7

Mohammed Ateeg Abdelrahman Ahmed; Sameer Hamdy Hafez; Mugahed Ali Al-khader; Elwaleed Idris Sagiron; Sadeq Abdo Mohammed Alwesabi; Yahya Hussein Ahmed; Elsadig Eltaher Hamed; Abdelelah Abdelgadir Ahmed Hamed; Sharfeldin Mohammed Shuib; Amna Nagaty Aboelmagd; Hoda Khalifa Abdelhady; Samah Ramadan Elrefaey

Unraveling the Nexus: Dysfunctional Family Dynamics, Mental Health Struggles, and Coping Strategies among University Students

Pages 8-13

Abdalla Mohamed Ahmed Osman; Sameer Hamdy Hafez; Ishraga A. Mohamed; Magda Mubarak Merghani Ahmed; Hamza Hussain Ahmed Balola; Khalda Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed; Salma Mohammed Gomaa; Hanan Saad Abdullah Alwadei; Samah Ramadan Elrefaey

Traditional beliefs, practices and the factors influencing it among postpartum women

Pages 14-20

Fnyara Samir Shafik; Hoda Abd-Elazim Mohamed; Abdel Halim El-sayed Amin; Magda Fawzy Hasab Allah

Knowledge and Habitual practice Regarding Prevention of Genito-urinary Tract Infection among Adolescent Nursing Girls Students

Pages 21-30

Sabreen Ragab Abdelbadee Abdallah; Hoda Abd-Elazim Mohamed; Magda Fawzy Hasab Allah; Hanaa Abd El Hady Soliman

Nursing Staff Readiness for Change and Its Relation to Job Enrichment during Hospital Transformation.

Pages 42-49

Eman Abd Elazim Abd Elrahim; Rasha Mohamed Nagib Ali; Abeer Abdallah Ali; Doaa Mohamed Ali