Malnutrition among Elderly Patients with Selected Chronic Diseases: Screening and Risk Factors at Minia University Hospital

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1 Clinical Instructor in Medical Surgical Nursing Department ( Gerontological Nursing Faculty of Nursing- Minia University)

2 Professor of Medical Surgical Nursing, Faculty of Nursing-Minia University. Egypt

3 Assistant professor in Medical Surgical Nursing Department (Gerontological Nursing Faculty of Nursing- Minia University). Egypt


Background: Malnutrition is a major geriatric syndrome with multiple causative factors and severe complications that lead to increased mortality and morbidity rates specifically among older adults with chronic diseases. Aim of the study: To assess malnutrition and identify the main risk factors that associated with malnutrition among elderly patients with selected chronic diseases (hypertension and diabetes). Research design: A cross sectional descriptive research design was utilized. Subjects: A purposive sample of (100) elderly patients involved in the current study. Setting: The current study was carried out in medical outpatient clinics, at Minia University Hospital, Egypt. Tools: Three tools were utilized to collect data, First Tool: Patient Interview Structured Questionnaire, Second Tool: Nutritional Assessment (Mini Nutritional Assessment Scale (MNAS) and biochemical measurements. Third Tool: Malnutrition Risk Factors Assessment Questionnaire Results: It was found that more than half of the studied samples were at risk of malnutrition, with highly statistically significant differences regarding (age, income, education, and physiological and psychological factors).Conclusion: More than half of the studied elderly patients with diabetes and/or hypertension were at risk for malnutrition. Additionally, age, place of residence, low education, and income significantly affected their nutritional status. As well as, physiological factors were the most noticeable risk factors for malnutrition among them. Recommendations: Educational classes focusing on the proper nutrition and appropriate lifestyles for the elderly patients with chronic disease (DM/hypertension or both) were recommended, also having routine screening tests that evaluate their nutritional status.


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