Volume & Issue: Volume 013, Issue 3, June 2023 
Work Environment and Its Relation on Patients Outcomes at Minia Oncology Center

Pages 2-11

Esraa Abobakr Abdelmoez; Safaa M. Abdelrahman; Ebtsam Ahmed Mohamed; Rasha Mohammed Nagib Ali

Factors Affecting on Nursing Shortage and its Relation to Organizational Commitment at Matai General Central Hospital

Pages 17-25

Asmaa Mohamed Ahmed; Safaa Mohamed Abd Elrhmaan; Ebtsam Ahmed Mohamed; Heba Dakrory Ali El-said

Compliance of Nurses with Patients' Rights and their Awareness of Legal and Ethical Issues

Pages 26-34

Abdallah Mohamed Abd-Elraouf Rashdan; Mona Thabet Abd-Elbaset; Asmaa Farghaly Ali; Shereen Faiyez Gabra

Adolescents Cyberbullying and its consequences on Self-Esteem and Suicidal Thoughts at Minia Governorate, Egypt

Pages 35-46

Ebtsam Abd El Monim Mohamed; Ebtesam Esmail Hassan; Zeinab Mohammed Hassan; Ola Nabil Abouzeid; Manar D. Mohammed

Nurses’ Knowledge and Practices Regarding Care of High-Risk Neonates Connected with Mechanical Ventilator

Pages 55-64

Amna Mahmoud Mohammed; Sanaa Mahmoud Ahmed; Asmaa Natag Reyad; Shaima Shaban Mohamed

Effect of Authentic Leadership Training Program for Head Nurses on Nurses Innovative Work Behaviors at Minia University Hospitals

Pages 65-76

Doaa Hamdy Abdelhamied Soliman; Safaa Mohammed Abdelrahman; Ebtsam Ahmed Mohamed; Mona Thabet Abd-elbaset

Role Conflict and it’s relation to Organizational Silence Behavior among Nurses

Pages 77-84

Faten Ali Ahmed Ali Soliman; Amira Mostafa Fahmy; Eman Aly Abd-Elhamid