Volume & Issue: Volume 009, Issue 1, June 2021 
Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of caregivers for patients with leprosy

Pages 17-25

Abeer Omran Mohamed; Eman Ramadan Ahmed; Manar Demien Mohamed

Educational Interventions on Reducing Stress Urinary Incontinence Episodes among elderly Women

Pages 26-32

Asmaa Emad Mohammed; Mohammed Salah Eldeen Mohamed; Sahar Hamza Taha; Rakaia Fathi Mohammed

Knowledge and Practices of Postnatal Mothers Regarding Prevention of Puerperal Sepsis

Pages 33-39

Rabab Hassan Mohammed Hassan; Hoda Abd el Azim Mohamed; Hanaa Abd Elhady Solimen

Awareness about Risk Factors of Colorectal Cancer among Employees at Minia University

Pages 40-49

Huda T.Selim; Yossria E. Hossein; Ebtesam E. Hassan; Manar D. Mohammed

Factors associated with Delayed Diagnosis of women Breast Cancer

Pages 59-64

Nada Salim Hussein; Amal Mohamed Ahmed; Hend Elham Mohamed

Effect of Sleeping Instruction on Reducing Insomnia among Elderly

Pages 65-70

Aisha Saad eldein Saleh; Amal Mohamed Ahmed; Hend Elham Mohamed

Effect of Transition Training Program on Novice Nurses' Working at University Hospitals

Pages 79-87

Magda Sayed Yassin Fawaz; Mona Mostafa Shazly; Safaa Mohamed Abdelrahman; Rasha Mohammed Nagib Ali

Relation between Innovation, Professionalism, Participation and Organizational Commitment for Faculty Nursing Educators

Pages 88-96

Ragabia Hosny Mohamed; Safaa Mohamed Abdelrahman; Rasha Mohammed Nagib Ali; Faten Ali Ahamed

Nurses' Knowledge, Practice, and Attitude Regarding Burn Injury Management

Pages 97-103

Rasha Kamel Mohammed; Manal Salah Hassan; Inshrih Roshdy Mohammed

Nursing Staff Awareness Regarding Challenges for Applying Total Quality Management

Pages 104-110

Faten Abd Elhamed Mohamed; Fatma Rushdy Mohamed; Safaa Mohamed Abd Elrahman; Sanaa Mohamed Aref