Volume & Issue: Volume 010, Issue 1, December 2021 
Factors Contributing Career Change among Nurses working at selected hospitals

Pages 11-18

Heba Hassona Hassan; Safaa Mohamed Abdelrahman; Amira Mostafa Fahmy; Faten Ali Ahmed

Relation between Emotional Stability and Time Management Levels among Nurses at one Day Surgeries Hospital

Pages 19-26

Manal Abdel Monaem Khalifa; Safaa Mohamed Abdelrahman; Amira Mostafa Fahmy; Shereen Faiyez Gabra

Perceptions of Staff Nurses about Patient Safety Culture at Minia General Hospital

Pages 68-77

Eman Sayed Hadad; Safaa Mohamed Abd Elrhmaan; Faten Ali Ahmad; Heba Dakrory Ali

Developing a Disaster Management Plan and Implementing Educational Program at Emergency Unit

Pages 87-97

Doaa Mohammed Elzagh; Mona Mostafa Shazly; Safaa Mohamed Abd Elrahman; Mona Thabet

Relation between Clinical Decision Making and Professional Values among Nurses at Critical Care Units

Pages 124-131

Abeer Sayed Abdelgawad; Fatma Rushdy Mohamed; Safaa M. Abdelrahman; Amira Mostafa Fahmy

Nursing Guidelines and its Effect on Reducing Central Line Related Infection among Traumatic Patients

Pages 148-156

Asmaa Mohammed Abdelghafour Mohammed; Gad Sayed Gad; Marwa Mohammed Abdelbaky; Rokaia Fathi Mohammed