Volume & Issue: Volume 008, Issue 1, December 2020 
Assessment of pediatric nurses' performance regarding intravenous Therapy

Pages 3-14

Nagwa Ibrahim Mohamed; Sanaa Mahmoud Ahmed; Asmaa Hamed Tawfik

Assessment of Applying Clinical Audit for Pregnant Woman with Iron Deficiency Anemia.

Pages 15-20

Yasmeen Mohammed Badry; Nadia Abdallah Mohammed; Naglaa Mohammed Amein

Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude among Faculty of Nursing Students Regarding Blood Donation

Pages 39-47

Asmaa Yehia Youssef Ezeldain; Yosria El-Sayed Hossein; Eman Sameh Mohammed; Naglaa Mohammed Amein

Effect of Educational Program on Women's Awareness and their health status regarding antenatal Exercises

Pages 48-55

Hend Shabaan Refaey; Ekbal Abd El Rehem Emam; Essa Mahmoud Mohamed; Amany Hassan Abd Elrahim

Assessment of Pain Intensity among Preschool-age Children during Venipuncture

Pages 56-64

Yahia Mohamed Sayed; Soheir Abd-Rabou Mohamed; Nagat Farouk Abolwafa

Knowledge and Performance of Mothers Having Children with Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy

Pages 65-74

El Shaima Gamal Hasan; Soheir Abd-Rabou Mohamed; Sanaa Mahmoud Ahmed; Khalid Fathy Riad; Aml Sayed Ali

Effect of Kegel Exercise on Improving Manifestations of Uterine Prolapse among Pre menopausal Women

Pages 75-82

Shaimaa Gamal Ramadan Hassan; Manal Farouk Moustafa; Hoda Abd Elazim Mohamed; Ahmed Samier Abd El-Malek

Relationship between Self-Esteem and Aggressive behavior among Foster Care Children at Minia Governorate, Egypt

Pages 83-89

Sherifa Rabea Mohamed; Nefissa Mohammed Abd El-Kader; Hanan Ibrahim Abd EL Aziz; Fatma Nagy Kotb

Early Identification of Risk Factors for Primary Postpartum Hemorrhage at Admission

Pages 90-95

Doaa Maged Khalf; Hoda Abd El-Aziam Mohmed; Abdelrahman Hegazy Abdelwahab

Effect of immediate pain management on oxygenation level among early extubation patients post heart surgery

Pages 96-102

Mona Sayed Elgazar; Inshrah Roshdy Mohammed; Yasser Shaban Mubar; Marwa M. Abdelbaky

Effect of Educational Program on Nurses Performance about Colostomy Care

Pages 103-110

Hanaa Abd El-latief Shahat Ali; Jehan Sayyed Ali; Sahar Hamza Taha

Nurse’s knowledge and Practice regarding Medication Errors in Critical Care Units: Descriptive study

Pages 111-120

Al Shaimaa Moustafa Fathy; Nahla Shaaban Khalil; Naser Mohamed Taha; Marwa M.Abd-elbaky

Application of Modified Ventilator Bundle and Its Effect on Weaning Among Mechanically Ventilated Patients

Pages 121-129

Amany Sayed Eweas; Sahar Yassien Mohammad; Jehan Sayyed Ali Sayyed; Marwa Mohammad Abd Elbaky; Magda Mohammad Bayoumi

Effect of Preoperative Nursing Protocol on Pain and Daily Activities for Post Inguinal Hernia Repair Patients

Pages 130-138

Eman Abdelmobdy Ali; Islam Ibrahim Ragab; Mohammed Abdel Shafy Mohammed; Rokaia Fathi Mohamed

Correlation between the patients with Hepatitis C Virus and their Health-Related Quality of Life

Pages 139-146

Ola Abd ElHamied; Hala Ibrahem Mohamed; Hend Elham Mohamed; Eman Fadl Abd Elkhalik