Volume & Issue: Volume 006, Issue 1, December 2019 
Inter Parental Conflict and Its Effect on Adolescent's Behavior in Selected Schools at Minia City

Pages 3-9

Elham Rabia Aly Sayied; Yosria El-sayied Hussein; El-Nabgha Fathy Mohammed; Naglaa Mohammed Amein

Developing Environmental and Patient Safety Guidelines for Nurses in Critical Care Units

Pages 10-18

Eman Aly Abd Elhamid; Nehad Ezz Eldin Abdallah; Safaa Mohamed Abd Elrahman

Effect of Post Cataract Surgery Discharge Instructions on Reducing Eye Infection among Elderly Patients

Pages 19-25

Eman N. A. Mahfouz; Awatef Abdelrazek Mohamed; Ahmed Shawkat Abdelhalim; Rakaia Fathi Mohamed

Correlation between Initiating Time of Mobilization and Cardio Pulmonary Stability among Critical Ill Patient

Pages 26-33

Heba Mahmoud Abd Alal; Ebrahim Abbas Youssif; Inshrah Roshdy Mohammed; Eman Fadl Abd Alkhalek

Assessment of Exposure to Family’s Abuse and Negligence among Minia Nursing Schools Students

Pages 34-44

Asmaa Mokhtar Abd El Hakeem; Refaat Raouf Sadek; Aml Sayed Ali; Asmaa Hamed Tawfik

Assessment of Knowledge and Attitudes of Teachers about Child Abuse in Selected Primary Schools at Minia City

Pages 56-62

Eman Mohamed Abd EL-Aziz; Yosria El-Sayed Hossein; Sabah Saleh Hassan; Naglaa Mohammed Amein

Assessment of Nurses' Knowledge and Practices Related Neonatal Sepsis in Neonatal Intensive Care Units at El-Minia Hospitals

Pages 71-77

Reda Araby Mansour Ibrahim; Marzoka Abd El-Aziz Gadallah; Aml Sayed Ali; Nagat Farouk Abolwafa

Nurses’ Knowledge, Practices and Attitudes about Children Safety Measures

Pages 90-100

Howayda Mohammed Ali; Hekmat Ebrahim Abed-El-kreem; Nagat Farouk Abolwafa

Perception and Incidence of Students Academic Incivility at Faculty of Nursing

Pages 128-136

Mohamed Fathy Rasheed; Sanaa Mohamed Aref; Ebtsam Ahmed Mohamed; Amira Moustafa Fahmy

Women awareness and satisfaction toward health services provided at family health centers

Pages 158-166

Hala Ragab Abd EL-Aaty; Yosria El-sayed Hosein; Soad Abd-Elhamed Sharkawy; Naglaa Mohammed Amin

Assessment of Nutritional Status of Children Living in Orphanage Institutions at Minia and Samlout Cities

Pages 190-197

Fatma Nasef Ibrahiem; Yosria El-Sayed Hossein; Naglaa Mohammed Amein; Sara Ahmed Refaei