Volume & Issue: Volume 003, Issue 1, July 2018 
Assessment of Infection control knowledge and Attitude related to Needle stick Injuries among nursing staff

Pages 1-8

Hayam Hamada Abd El Razek; Awatef Abd El Razek Mohamed; Safaa Mohamed Abd El Rahman; Inshrah Roshdy Mohamed

The Impact of Health Education Program about the Safe Use of Pesticides among Farmers at a Village in El-Minia City

Pages 88-96

Manar Demein Mohammed; Soheir Ali Bader EL-Din; Refaat Raouf Sadek; Awatf Abdelrazek Mohammed

Hospital Services Quality And Its Relation With Patient Trust And Satisfaction

Pages 97-103

Hagar Mohammed Hassan; Safaa Mohammed Abd Elrahman; Safaa Mohammed Zaki

Effect of Early Ambulation on Reducing Respiratory Tract Infection among Postoperative Elderly Patients with Abdominal Surgeries

Pages 110-119

Aml Sabra Abu Bakr; Hoda Diab Fahmy Ibrahim; Tohamy Abdallah Tohamy; Inshrah Roshdy Mohammed; Jehan Abd El-Rahem Mohamed