Self- Reported of Professional Nurses Regarding Factors Affecting Their Performance at Minia Selected District Hospitals

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1 B. Sc in Nursing, Minia University

2 Assistant prof. of Nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing –Minia University

3 Lecturer of Nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing –Minia University


Background: The performance of professional nurses is crucial for ensuring quality healthcare delivery. Understanding the factors that influence nurses' performance is essential for healthcare organizations to optimize their workforce and improve patient outcomes. Aim of the study: The current study aimed to assess factor’s affecting the performance of professional nurses at Minia Selected District Hospital. Research design: A descriptive comparative research design was used to achieve the aim of the study. Setting: The study was conducted at Samalout Hospital and Al –Fekria Hospital, in Minia City, Egypt. Subjects: All staff nurses who working in Samalout Hospital their total numbers 220 nurses& staff nurses in Al –Fekria  Hospital their total numbers180 nurses. Tools of data collection: Part (I): questions to gather participant socio-demographic data, as age, sex, marital status, qualification, work experience& residence Part II: Factors affecting performance self-rating scale. Part (III): work engagement scale as a factor affecting performance. Results: The study revealed that 1st ranking factor affecting performance in both two hospitals are knowledge and skills followed by work space and environment, staff development is the third factor and ended by organizational mission and goals , the highest percentage of staff nurses had moderate effect regarding total work engagement factor .Conclusion: The present study findings concluded  that there were factors  negatively affect nurses performance as organizational mission and goals, remuneration ,benefits and recognition ,commitment and satisfaction, staffing and work schedule and leadership styles .Recommendations: The nurse managers make periodic orientation program for new nurses to know the goals ,policies ,objectives  ,mission effective leadership styles,  and regulation of the organization and provide equal distribution of work schedules .