Effectiveness of Health Education Program on Women’s Knowledge and Self- reported Practice Regarding Postpartum Minor Discomforts

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1 Assistant Professor of Women Health and Obstetric Nursing- Faculty of Nursing – Minia University

2 B.Sc. in Nursing, Faculty of Nursing- Minia University

3 Lecturer of Obstetrics and Gynecology- Faculty of Medicine –Minia University

4 Lecturer of Women Health and Obstetrics Nursing- Faculty of Nursing –Minia University


Background: After childbirth, mothers can expect to have some physical and psychological changes. Postpartum minor discomforts could happen as outcome of every system's adaptation as well as may lead to serious complications. Therefore, it is important to educate mothers to alleviate discomforts and how to handle with them. Aim: Evaluate the effectiveness of health education program on women’s knowledge and self- reported practices regarding postpartum minor discomforts. Design: A Quasi-experimental research design was employed. Sample: one hundred perinatal women were selected by utilize a systematic random sample method (from January 2023 to June 2023).  Setting: A research was performed at the inpatient units for obstetrics and gynecology at Samalot Specialized Hospital. Tools: Three tools were utilized: An interviewing questionnaire consists of socio demographic features as well as obstetric history, women's knowledge as well as women's self-reported practice regarding postpartum minor discomforts. Results: The majority of the selected women (91%) have poor knowledge as regards postpartum minor discomforts before-teaching program compared to 6% after-teaching program. Additionally, 66% of the studied women had inadequate self- reported practice pre-education program compared to 34% had adequate self- reported practice post-education program. Conclusion: Afterward interventional health education program, the women’s awareness about the postpartum minor discomforts was extremely developed which results in refining the mother self-care practices. Recommendations: Health care providers must offer complete information to all postpartum mothers before discharge about changes expected to occur during postpartum period and provide measures to avoid unnecessary complications as regards minor discomforts.