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Educational Program about Safe Food Handling Practices among Mothers Based on Health Belief Model in Selected Villages

Volume 013, Issue 3, June 2023, Pages 47-54

Manar D. Mohammed; Ola Nabil Abuzaid; Zeinab Mohammed Hassan

Assessment Performance of Primary School Students Regarding Oral Hygiene and Dental Caries

Volume 012, Issue 1, December 2022, Pages 69-78

Salwa Mohamed Abd El Kareem; Y E Hossein; A. M Hashem

Nurses, Knowledge and Practice Regarding Medication Preparation and Administration Errors Occurrence at Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Volume 010, Issue 1, December 2021, Pages 141-147

Aya Mohamed Nasr Abd El Aziz; Sanaa Mahmoud Ahmed; Nagat Farouk Abolwafa

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of caregivers for patients with leprosy

Volume 009, Issue 1, June 2021, Pages 17-25

Abeer Omran Mohamed; Eman Ramadan Ahmed; Manar Demien Mohamed

Nurses' Knowledge, Practice, and Attitude Regarding Burn Injury Management

Volume 009, Issue 1, June 2021, Pages 97-103

Rasha Kamel Mohammed; Manal Salah Hassan; Inshrih Roshdy Mohammed

Nurse’s knowledge and Practice regarding Medication Errors in Critical Care Units: Descriptive study

Volume 008, Issue 1, December 2020, Pages 111-120

Al Shaimaa Moustafa Fathy; Nahla Shaaban Khalil; Naser Mohamed Taha; Marwa M.Abd-elbaky

Assessment of knowledge, Attitude and Practice among Adolescent Girls Regarding Dysmenorrhea

Volume 005, Issue 1, June 2019, Pages 23-31

Asmaa Gomaa Awad; Entisar Mohmad Youness; Hoda Abd el aziam Mohmed

Assessment of Maternity Nurses' Knowledge and Practice Regarding Management of Eclamptic Women

Volume 002, Issue 1, December 2017, Pages 43-49

Rasha Abd Elazim Abd Allah; Azaa Mohamed Mohamed Hafez; Ekbal Abd EL rehim Emam